Our Therapy Services

Speech Therapy

We offer individual and group therapy to enhance the intelligibility of speech.

Language Therapy

We offer functional and play-based acquisition of oral and written language using evidence-based strategies

Reading Therapy

We can prevent most reading difficulties in children at risk with appropriate early intervention by addressing key factors hindering development.

Tool Box

Every Child Deserves to Express Themselves

Strong language interactions are as crucial to brain development and academic success as healthy food is for physical growth.

Language delay and related difficulties are common among children. Language Lab offers a comprehensive approach to helping children be effective communicators by addressing these challenges through evidence-based strategies.

We strive to make the lives of children with language disorders better. We offer a variety of multisensory, Orton-Gillingham based therapeutic and instructional programs to match your child’s needs and foster academic success!

  • Lindamood Bell Seeing Stars
  • Spell to Read and Write
  • Logic of English
  • Hands-on, manipulative games and activities
  • IEW Writing Course by Andrew Pudewa