Skip to main content, a campaign to encourage a wide range of organizations to work at the state and local level to Get Georgia Reading, reports that strong language skills are the number one predictor of success in reading and writing, which is essential for academic success. Language nutrition is as critical to brain development as healthy food is to physical development.

How are your child’s speech-language, reading and writing skills developing?

An easy screening can help determine if they are on the right path. What is involved in a screening?

A screening includes a brief assessment of overall verbal and listening skills including pre-reading and narrative skills, as age appropriate. We must have a current passing of vision and hearing screening on file for your child to participate. Screenings will be conducted by a Patricia Lowther, M.A., CCC/SLP of Language Lab, LLC.

Screenings can be set up at your child’s school if there are multiple students or you can come to our office in Cumming.

What happens next?

You will receive the result of your child’s screening along with any recommendation for further assessment the day of the screening. The screening is in no way an attempt to label your child. We are happy to meet with you and or school staff to discuss the results and recommendations.

A more extensive evaluation in the form of a parent and/or teacher questionnaire as well as formal assessments may be recommended based on information gained from the screening.

Language Lab is now scheduling free screenings until 12/16/2022. Contact us at 678-361-2980 or


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