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Is your child ready for school? Many children lose important skills over the summer.

Back to School Reading Tips:

1. Set a routine. Find a time that works best for your child and family to sit and spend time talking about the school day, doing homework, reading, and getting ready for the next day. Children do better when they can predict what’s coming.
2. Read at home. The best way to add reading in the household is to devote 20 to 40 minutes, at the same time every evening, to family reading time. This can be shared reading and/or each reading your own material. Remember, it is still important to read more complicated text to your elementary school child and listen to them read aloud. Listening to your child read aloud helps you to see if they are struggling, guessing, or missing key points in the text. It is also important to check comprehension by asking who, what, where, when, and why questions.
3. If you need help, don’t wait for that first school meeting. Children with subtle gaps in language development can struggle unnecessarily with reading.

We can help you fill in the gaps!

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